Scuba Diving Paradise Koh Tao ThailandThe Koh Tao Magazine is all about the scuba diving paradise island in the Gulf of Thailand. The site is in German language an covers all information around Koh Tao and Thailand, including news from Bangkok. Besides the fact that this is also a good platform to promote all kinds of scuba diving related websites, products and services, it is in this case an example of social bookmarking in German language.

While it still makes sense to bookmark a German or in this case Swiss-German site on Digg, is it a far better idea to bookmark the site on social bookmarking sites like Info Pirat or Mister Wong Yigg and others. We will add a list of the most important German Social Bookmarking Sites at the end of this article. Some important social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon for example, already offer to choose the language of the site you are about to submit which makes a lot of sense.

Now why are social bookmarking sites so important and what are they good for? The answer lays in the fact that search engine bots count the links in the internet that lead to your website or blog. These are the so called back links. And it is as simple as that: As more back links you can create to your site, as more visitors you will get and you will be ranked higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs). This is because your back link count raises and you have more traffic on your site resulting in a higher Google Page Rank.

Check which social bookmarking sites are the good once by searching the source code of the article you just posted on a social bookmarking site. Some sites redirect your link around seven corners and don’t provide a direct link to your site. Other sites add a so called no-follow tag onto the links to your site, telling Google’s search engine bots not to follow these links, rendering them quite useless towards your site. The only thing you can gain on these social bookmarking sites is direct traffic to to your site. Click the Keep Reading button to see the list of the 43 most important social bookmarking sites in German language.

Here is the List of the 43 Most Important German Social Bookmarking Sites

So go on and Bookmark all the articles you write on your websites to as many social bookmarking sites as you have time for. You will see the impact it has very soon.
Here are the German Social Bookmarking Sites: