At 1 Internet Marketing you can find tips to build your own small business enterprise online. On this website you can learn how to promote your own business website the way that you will get enough targeted visitors to keep you busy for centuries to come. It doesn’t matter much what you are selling; today’s market is dominated by advertising on the internet! Only 10 years ago the percentage of internet influence in buying a product or a service was between 10 and 30 %. Now it is by almost 100%! Just look at your own behavior; you want to buy something or you need someone to do something for you? Where do you go and look? Google, that’s right. Google seems to have all the answers to any question you might have. Search engines- yes there are still other search engines like Yahoo and Bing etc out there – have become the most influential decision building tools in the world.

We here at #One Internet Marketing have specialized over the years in Internet Marketing for Dive Centers but we are not shy to take on any other task to market a product or service that isn’t related to our main product line For example “Facial Laser Hair Removal” doesn’t have much to do with scuba diving or diving courses. Nevertheless, we took on the task and I feel we have done a pretty good job there. Internet Marketing is more than just building a website and then hoping to get new clients or selling the advertised product more often; it actually is a lot more! Our clients came to us to have a website built and they usually stay with us for many years after the site is built, because we are looking after there site so nobody can get in and hack it. We update and upgrade their sites at least once a week and we add new products and/or new information to the site to keep it up to date.

Internet Marketing doesn’t come alone. There is another factor involved in being successful on the Internet, it’s called SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO has nothing to do with black hat tactics or being wiser than others who are trying to market the same product as yourself. SEO is simply the way to tell the search engines what your site is about and what you are offering on your website or blog. Just that there are different ways to do that. Most webmasters, designers or SEO gurus know how to do that but I find that all of them know a part, or even if they know all parts, they are only implementing what is absolutely necessary and never do all parts right. That is what makes the difference between success and failure and this is where we come in! If you have a project and you need it to go straight to the top, just contact us and we will find a way to achieve your goals.