Accommodation on Koh Tao ThailandThe website advertising accommodation on Koh Tao is a great example why the use of a good url (domain name) is one of the most important factors for your search engine ranking. While there is a good reason to use the brand name or the hotel name or the company name as your domain name as well, it looks good on your business card for example, there is a much greater reason to choose more wisely here nd spend some time doing research.

Sure, most people will just go and buy a domain name that is associated with their name, their work or their business name, when they start to create their website or their online business. Nevertheless, an internet marketer or SEO man, wgo knows his job, will always go and consolidate the Google Keyword Tool or Noble Samurai, which is for sure the world’s best keyword tool, to determine the correct domain name with the best chances of success for the business in question. Try Market Samurai For Free!What we can find with this tools helps to make the right decision in many if not to say all cases. In this particular case we found that as expected more people would search for accommodation koh tao than for any specific resort name or any other related key phrase. A very nice treat that comes as a side effect of brand name url pointing is, that in many cases the brand name will also show in the top search result pages, if the website has been built up the right way. And NO; we cannot go and buy 200 domain names and point them all to one website AND submit a Sitemap to Google for each url. That would be called spamming and Google doesn’t like that much! In theory you can ad as many domain names to your website as you like, but only one can be used to be submitted to the search engines, while all other domains should only serve promotional purposes.

In this example you may go ahead and type the key phrases we mentioned both into the search engine of your desire. I’m sure you will be satisfied with the findings!