Asia Divers Scuba Diving Courses on Koh Tao

Asia Divers with PADI course director Guy Corsellis from Belgium, is another client of #One Internet Marketing who has come from another webmaster. A well known story to many businesses is an enthusiastically started new website where we put all our hope in, pay a webmaster wait for month and month and eventually never see a result. Many years ago i had a similar experience myself and lost my money, valuable time and never actually saw a result. But that was long ago; still i will never forget how that felt and I know for sure, that this will never happen to anyone of our clients!
When we got the website back in 2005 it was an abandoned html website with a flash header and a java scirpt menu. The text was all lorem ipsum generated Latin but amazing enough, the sit was listed on Google, not ranked but indexed. Now if we would have had WordPress 2.8 back then, there wouldn’t have been a question on how to handle the matter. Simply setting up a WordPress blog and rebuilding the less than 30 pages would have been done in a few days. If and when, fact is there wasn’t anything around that was usable in a time frame that would not kill the clients budget. So the easiest way was to optimize the Asia Divers Website as is. We added text and tried to do everything right and the way it is supposed to be done. All of it manually without any help of php.
The Asia Divers Koh Tao website was the second last i worked on in simple html, before moving on to CMS and later to WordPress.
Today, here at #One Internet Marketing, we preferably work with WordPress 2.8. The ease of use and the ease to add both plugins and themes to an existing website without even leaving the admin area a single time simplified our life enormously.

Today the Asia Divers website still remains to be an html website with a flash banner at the top an a java menu to navigate; so we didn’t touch the looks and feels of the website at all. We simply optimized it with what we had and according to the ‘old school’ webmaster guidelines. Up until today the Asia Divers Website is well ranked for all major key phrases like diving koh tao.