Bluehost Server Outage December 10th 2016

Server Down for Millions of Users

Bluehost server down - outage Dec 2016For quite a while now, I’m personally not anymore convinced with Bluehost web hosting. Too much has gone wrong and live support takes ages on waiting time. But today they topped it all! At 4am this morning, our client’s websites went down. No email notification, no explanation from Bluehost. Trying to log in to the hosting account reveals many different error messages, but doesn’t give access to files and databases. At the time of writing, 6:30pm, we still can’t access any website or Bluehost account.

Non EIG Web Hosting

Too Much is Too Much – Time for a Change!

Bluehost Down - Server OutageThis is just too much! We will move our own and our client websites far away from Bluehost and any other EIG web hosting account.

Many of our clients are in the middle of their booking season, with high season only two weeks away. The amount of financial losses for these companies is not acceptable! Therefore we say good bye to a web hosting server that ones was among the most reliable ones and also the cheapest ones.

Bluehost Server Outage - December 2016

Today we see SiteGround to be the server of our choice, especially if you’re hosting WordPress sites. They offer specialized WordPress hosting with class A backup and caching systems. Their Live support response time is under a minute and most tickets get answered within the hour. And what matters most, their support is excellent! Have a look at their hosting offers for WP clients.

Why EIG Web Hosting Sucks!

What is EIG Hosting and Who is EIG?

UPDATE Nov 2016
EIG stands for Endurance International Group, Inc., a web hosting giant, founded in 1997 with headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts. It achieved its size by acquiring a large number of smaller hosting companies, which it keeps operating under their original brand names. Today EIG is still acquiring web hosting companies in the US as well as internationally. And now the service of their newly owned companies is going down! I mean it has become really bad! When asking for support, they waste your time by trying to sell you additional add-ons and tools that nobody needs, rather than getting to the issue.

So far I’ve counted 80 EIG Web Hosting Companies and the numbers are growing

  • AccountSupport
  • Arvixe LLC
  • A Small Orange
  • ApolloHosting
  • Berry Information Systems L.L.C.
  • BigRock
  • BizLand
  • BlueBoxInternet
  • BlueDomino
  • Bluehost
  • BuyDomains
  • CirtexHosting
  • Constant Contact
  • Directi
  • Dollar2Host
  • DomainHost
  • Dot5Hosting
  • Dotster
  • easyCGI
  • eHost
  • EmailBrain
  • EntryHost
  • Escalate Internet
  • FastDomain
  • FatCow
  • FreeYellow
  • Glob@t
  • Homestead
  • HostCentric
  • HostClear
  • HostGator
  • Hostnine
  • HostMonster
  • HostNine
  • HostV VPS
  • HyperMart
  • IMOutdoors
  • Intuit Websites
  • iPage
  • IPOWER/iPowerWeb
  • JustHost
  • LogicBoxes
  • MojoMarketplace.
  • MyDomain
  • MyResellerHome
  • NetFirms
  • Networks Web Hosting
  • Nexx
  • PowWeb
  • PureHost
  • ResellerClub
  • Saba-Pro
  • SEO Gears
  • SEO Hosting
  • SEO Web Hosting
  • Site5
  • Southeast Web
  • SpeedHost
  • Spertly
  • StartLogic
  • SuperGreen Hosting
  • Typepad
  • Unified Layer
  • USANetHosting
  • vDeck
  • Verio
  • VirtualAvenue
  • VPSLink
  • Webzai Ltd.
  • WebHost4Life
  • Webstrike Solutions
  • Xeran
  • YourWebHosting

Why Has Your Web Hosting Service Suddenly Gone Bad?

In the past, we have been hosting our own and our client’s websites mostly on Bluehost and on Hostgator accounts. It was cheap and it was reliable and we had great live and ticket support. Nowadays we just cannot do this anymore! The support on EIG owned webhosting companies has declined to the extent where it got outsourced to India and 60+ minutes of waiting times on live support have become normality. And when you finally have a level 1 support on the chat line, you’ll soon find out that you talk to somebody who wants to sell you something, but doesn’t actually has an idea on how to solve your problem!

After weeks of online research and talking with clients and reading web hosting reviews, we came across SiteGround. When we opened the first live chat, we had competent information within one minute and never heard a sales pitch! Meanwhile we already transferred many accounts out of Bluehost and over to SiteGround and had nothing but a great experience! They transfer the first website, including email accounts, database and domain for free! And best of all there is no downtime to be expected!

Non EIG Web Hosting

We absolutely recommend to all our current and future clients to move their web hosting affairs to SiteGround! The company is located in Europe and they promised, never to become an EIG Company! We are only working with WordPress and SiteGround offers perfect web hosting packages, tailored for WordPress clients. Have look here: Never again will I or my associates host anything on a web hosting company ran under Endurance International Group, Inc.!

Kindly leave a comment about your own EIG web hosting experience and/or how you like SiteGround. Let us know if you need any help moving your account to a non EIG hosting company.

Best Web Hosting Support

What is the Most Important Thing about Web Hosting?

For most people who are starting up a local business, be it a dive resort or a hotel or restaurant, or any other business for that matter, internet marketing is the number one tool to bring customers in door! For most businesses the tool to start with is a local business website. Once this is accomplished, the actual internet marketing and SEO can start. Keep in mind that a website, other than TV ads, fliers or business cards, is the only advertising tool that needs to be advertised! There are many different ways to advertise your business website, like Facebook, Google AdWords or the new LinkedIn Ads, to name just a few. Some work better and some are simply a waste of time and money.  What kind of advertising you’re using depends much on the kind of business and the budget you have available. Whatever you choose to advertise your site, the first and most important thing that really matters, is that your website is up and running with 100% efficiency! That’s where the best web hosting support kicks in!

Why do I Need the Best Web Hosting Support Available?

who offers the best web hosting supportThe answer is easy; things tend to break and they do that all the time! Things break because we live in a time where constant changes happen much faster than we can follow up! Ever evolving internet technologies not only widen the possibilities of internet marketing, but also cause problems; they do! The simple task of updating a plugin on a WordPress site, can lead to other parts of the website not working anymore and become a real nightmare. Or your website gets hacked! Believe it or not, it happens all the time, especially on shared web hosting accounts. Another case that seems to become all more of a problem lately, are emails suddenly not being sent anymore, without any bounce notifications that is! Or even worst, emails sent from your contact forms on your website are not reaching your inbox anymore. Now it’s time get support, and now is also the time where you wish you had the best web hosting support possible, because time is of the essence.

What’s the Difference in Web Hosting Supports?

There is a distinctive difference in the way web hosting companies offer support. We can easily sort them in three groups; the good, the bad and the ugly. As for the ugly, I’m talking about re-seller web hosting accounts, that mostly only offer ticket support, were it is not clear, when and if you get an answer and additional questions have to go the same way. This is time consuming and for the above mentioned situations unbearable! What you need is a web hosting service that offers Live Chat Support!

This brings us to the second group, the bad ones. In this group we find many or most of the web hosting companies, who have sold their business to EIG, the Endurance International Group, Inc. While offering many of these companies do offer live chat support, there chat support has been outsourced to India! When you’re opening a chat in desperation because your site is down, or your emails are being sent to Nirvana, the very last thing you want to deal with, is explaining your problems to a guy in India who is 70% committed to sell you an additional product or service, and spends the other 30% in chats with other clients. It all starts with the waiting time! When you open a support chat window you’re going to be confronted with a waiting time screen. 30 minutes to one hour can be expected, until you even get a supporter on the line. It’s simply frustrating!

Web Hosting

And then there is group three! The very best web hosting support is provided by the few remaining companies that still care about their clients. The ones where customer service has a certain priority and the waiting time is practically 0! That’s where you’re going to find your solution in minutes, rater than hours, without the staff trying to sell you something nobody needs. Companies that offer the best web hosting live support, without waiting time, but with real help for your problems, are adding to our well-being and these web hosting companies are not found in the Endurance International Group, because EIG has turned their customer support into a sales machine, which, at least partially, add to the problem of long waiting times. These are the companies that deserve our support, so we can get theirs!

So Which Companies Do Offer the Best Web Hosting Support?

That’s a tricky question and probably not easy to answer when you start your search for the right provider. The problem you’re facing, is that if you’re searching for the best web hosting support, you’re most likely going to open a chat box on the providers website to test their response time. Now here’s the tricky part: When you open the box, you have a selection of different support issues, one of them being “Pre-Sales Questions”, which you are most likely to select. Be assured that those chats are not being directed to India! These chats are opened quickly without any delay and your questions will be answered promptly, so there is no real way to use this information to see if you will get any good support when you’re site is down, or your emails fail. Don’t get fooled by sales live support! that’s an entirely different story. You need to find another way to figure out what support you get after you signed up…

From my personal experience, I recommend SiteGround to host your website(s). A European company that offers the best web hosting support I have encountered in 20 years (1996 – 2016) of doing internet marketing and SEO for our clients and for our own sites. There is no waiting time, their support is where their hardware is and they solve problems in real time! No wasting time, no useless sales pitches, but fast and competent support that brings your site back to live and your customers in the door!

Facebook Pages Required Secure Canvas URL since October 2011

Attention Facebook Page Owners

Facebook Pages SSL Update October 01 2011

Facebook Pages SSL Update October 01 2011

As I mentioned earlier in my page about how to create a Facebook page, Facebook requires all apps to have a secure URL! What that means for you, is first of all, that it will cost you money and it requires some work as well. Now the good news is that it won’t be very expensive and it isn’t going to be impossible to do. Another point is; it’s well worth the while. With 750.000.000 active users on one single marketplace you simply can’t miss out on all the new possibilities that Facebook pages offer for your business. With the newly implemented iframe instead of the until now used fbml (Facebook Markup Language), Facebook pages allow you to pull content from your own website right into Facebook. This allows you to ad contact forms and squeeze pages right on to your Facebook Page. Facebook Pages are also great to collect leads since everybody who likes your page automatically becomes a lead. You can then send messages to your leads by creating an update on your Facebook Page or by sending an Event to all your Facebook ‘likers’. This way you can inform everybody about updates on your website or about special events and discounts on your products or services.

Secure Canvas URL on Facebook

The downside now, is that Facebook requires all applications (you need to create an application for each iframe page that you create), to be available on a Secure Canvas URL. Basically what that means is that you will have to purchase a SSL Certificate for your domain. This can best be done directly by your web hosting provider, e.g. Bluehost or Hostgator etc. I was writing to all of my web hosting providers to ask them about the costs and what we need to do. The answers was different everywhere. Hostgator charges 50$/year for the SSL certificate plus 24$/year for the dedicated IP address, needed to set it up. Bluehost charges 45$/year for the SSL certificate and 30$/year for the dedicated IP address. As for now, only Hostgator offers a wild-card URL which can be used throughout a web hosting account on different domains. Other web hosting companies offer only SSL certificates for the primary domain on one’s account.

Update May 2016

Web Hosting

SiteGround has setup a nice package including SSL certificate and dedicated IP and a free domain! The SSL certificate and the dedicated IP are valid for one domain on your hosting account. There is also a free domain involved, but unfortunately not anymore for life, but only for the first year now. We here at ONE Internet Marketing think that this is the best web hosting package of 2016, but whatever you do, just don’t host your site(s) on an EIG owned web hosting account!

To get out of the snow and not pay SSL certificates for each and every website you run and/or, what is worst, pay for a separate web hosting account for each website, you can use a Free WordPress Plugin, called Facebook Tab Manager and it is a truly great tool to create Facebook pages right out of a WordPress blog! It’s just like writing content for a page or a post in your WordPress blog. If you don’t have a WordPress Blog installed on your account, it’s easy to do so with a few clicks on any webhosting account today. After you’ve setup your WordPress blog and installed the Facebook Tab Manager plugin, you can create all content for all you Facebook pages from here! This way you will only need one single SSL certificate on one domain to add content to as many Facebook Pages as you wish; the sky is the limit!

Error Establishing Database Connection

Problem: Moving a WordPress Site

Error Establishing Database ConnectionWhen you have to change the name servers to move a WordPress site to another host, many thing can go wrong, but since it’s WordPress there is always a way to fix it. One of the crucial things when moving a site to another domain name, e.g. from a subdomain to a primary domain, is the permalink structure of the website. Once you built your new site on a subdomain and everything looks fine and you’re ready to move the domain to the new site you may be faced with this error message when trying to log in to your WordPress admin as soon as you changed the url on the WordPress settings page. This is because WordPress caches the rewrite rules until something changes in the site that would effect the permalink structure to be rebuilt. The cached rewrite rules will prevent you from logging in to WP admin wit a different domain as it has been built in and you won’t be able to update the permalink structure in Settings -> Permalinks.

Solution: Update the Permalink Structure in PhPMyAdmin

To solve the problem you’ll have to access the WordPress database via PhpMyAdmin over your web hosting account. Once you’re logged in and see your database tables, click to open the wp-options table in the left column and do a search for theoption  key “rewrite_rules”.  Now click on edit and delete the whole gibberish content you will find in there. This is the entry of your permalink structure. No worries, nothing bad will happen to your new website when you delete the content! Once the field is empty and the option is saved, try to open your wp-admin section again. This might require you to empty your browser cache and relod the page with ctrl+F5, but will result in a new permalink structure being built automatically by WordPress, thus you successfully updated the permalink structure without access to your WordPress back-end.