Liveaboard Diving in Thailand

Liveaboard Diving Thailand

Liveaboard Diving is what we call a scuba diving trip where you stay on the boat for several days. Life outside the boat, the ‘real life’ seems to fade away as soon as the boat leaves the harbor. Liveaboard trips start from a two days/one night schedule but can also take 10 or more days. In Thailand we find many live aboard operators, most of them located on the west-coast of Thailand. Most of these operators schedule their trips around the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock. Nevertheless, a few liveaboards go up north to include the Burma Banks, a beautiful diving area which has not even been fully discovered yet. Some liveaboard safari’s go also south and start their adventures on Hin Muang and Hin Deng, then slowly move north to Koh Ha, the Phi Phi Islands, the Similans and then to Surin Island.

How to Find the Right Live Aboard Boat

To find the right boat for your liveaboard safari can be a challenge since there are thousands of websites and hundreds of liveaboard offers on the Internet. Not all of them are recommendable though. We have sorted out the very best liveaboard offers for you on the website Liveaboard Thailand. This collection of boats comes with a full trip description and the most resent schedules for all recommended liveaboard trips in Thailand. You can also find lots of information about the boats and the Similan Islands on this website. Additionally you can also find many pictures and videos from above and from underwater. Diving in the Andaman Sea is a must for every enthusiastic scuba diver.
Liveaboard boats don’t have to be motor vessels! What about dive and sail? Imagine, all the fun of a liveaboard trip in Thailand and the Burma Banks without the noise of an engine running at all times. Gliding through the waters of the Andaman Sea from on beautiful dive site to the next, solely powered by a cool breeze of wind!

Internet Marketing for Liveaboard Operators

If you have come to this article because you own a liveaboard company and you need some serious internet marketing or you find that your boat isn’t listed in the above mentioned website and you feel that it could make a good addition to our collection of liveaboards, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Search Engine Optimization

Rise up to the top of Google Search Results

There are many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors involved in bringing your domain to the top of Google search results. The trouble is that, all things being equal, these factors are known and used by all your competitors as well, including the major multi billion dollar corporations that you hope to surpass. In fact, nearly all the SEO tricks you are using can be used by your competitors too.

You can write new articles every day and create new back links by the thousands, yet you may still not be able to beat those guys at the top. Remember, if you are just starting out, they have existed much longer than you, have page ranks much higher than you and many more backlinks.

So how do you beat them?

There is one SEO factor which can be unique to your own site: your domain name!

Therefore, you start by creating a domain name which includes the highest frequency keywords for your market niche, thereby creating what’s called a “keyword optimized” domain.

For example, in the credit card market, it is more useful to have a domain called, as opposed to something like A search on using the keywords “credit cards” will produce the results in the image below.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

As you can see, the first site in the results is (sitting below the advertised sites of course), followed by major corporations such as,, and so on. How does this happen, that a small company like gets to beat these other larger companies? The answer is, they have a domain name that contains the exact most frequently typed keywords in the market. This is a good example of the value of having an SEO optimized domain name and you are sure to will find this phenomenon in almost every niche you research.

Then how do you find out which keywords are the best for your company so that you can choose the most appropriate and financially rewarding domain?

Well, you first have to know what the most used keywords are with reference to your market niche. For this reason we use Market Samurai here at #One Internet Marketing, a software that does all the research for us and saves us hundreds of man hours. You just type in your market keywords and it gives you the best, most frequently searched for, most relevant keywords for that market. Market Samurai is your best choice of software to find the top domain(s) for your market niche. Market Samurai does reveal many other internet marketing factors too. Best you try it out yourself. It’s free for 7 days and so far the best ever internet marketing tool there is. I have no idea what we would do without it!

Moreover, having an SEO optimized domain magnifies the value of every article you write and every link you create, thereby pushing your site further up in the rankings. This means you, David, can work less and yet attain the same results, if not better, as your long standing Goliath competitors.

In addition to the internet marketing wonders of Market Samurai, which go way further than keyword research, we offer below some tips for building your sites in such a way as to get the best results:

  • Choose a keyword relevant domain. Having understood the importance of keyword optimised domains, when you sign up for your hosting account, always choose a keyword relevant domain.
  • Do research for the most frequently searched keywords. Always take the time to research the keywords relevant to your market niche carefully. Don’t make assumptions on high frequency keywords; people will always surprise you in terms of what they type in their searches. Remember that the work you put in to create the right domain will pay off ten-fold later on.
  • Park other currently used domains. If you already have a domain, you can always “park” it to your main domain, so that both sites show the same content. Beware; you can only submit ONE of your domain names to the search engine, otherwise you will produce duplicated content.
  • Registering your site and avoiding duplicated content. Bare in mind that Google does not take kindly to duplicated content. Therefore, it’s best to only submit to Google your main domain, leaving out any “parked” domains you may have. Never tell Google about your website more than once.
  • No multiple sitemaps. For the same reason, do not make multiple site maps. There can only be one sitemap per website, not per domain name.
  • Register your website with Google. The best way to register your site with Google, is to go to Google Webmaster Tools and add your sitemap there. Upload and Verify your sitemap.
  • Buy competitive domains. With the above in mind, go ahead and buy as many competitive domains as you can afford. This will keep your competitors from buying these domains and using them to beat you in the search results position.
  • Localize your URL with international domain names. If your business is relevant to a particular location, it’s best to acquire the domain relevant to that location, in addition to the main domain. If, for example, you are targeting the English market, it is wise to acquire the English url, e.g., in addition to

We strongly recommend that you purchase Market Samurai today so that you can be one step ahead of your competitors, before you even start your internet business. The best part is that you can save $ 50 by clicking the above link and buy Market Samurai within the next 7 days.

We will be publishing more website building and SEO tips on our site in the future, so do sign up to our newsletter, to receive notifications of our newest articles.

Dive Center Marketing

Language Specific Dive Center Marketing

Scuba Diving Courses in Thailand - Tauchkurs Thailand Although we meanwhile all expect everybody on this planet to speak more or less perfect English, there are still many people who are much more familiar with their native language and if they can choose to get the information the need in their own language the will always prefer to read in their native language. If we now provide the information about our products and services only in English, while our competitors have their sites in English and German, we are likely to miss out on the larger part of 80 million people who could become customers. There are some industries which are more effected by this fact than others. Scuba Diving for example relies very much on different languages…. and Tauchkurs Thailand does look different than Dive Course Thailand to search engines as well as to humans.

Why are multi language sites so important for scuba marketing?

If one wants to learn how to dive he will always prefer to get the Scuba Diving Lessons in his native language just because the learning will be much easier and less time consuming. Learning to dive on holidays is especially effected because time is even more valuable here. Having a diving website for example also in German language will build the confidence to get the diving lessons as well in German and you will have the undivided attention of the prospect on your site.

Is it better to have a multilingual site or two separate websites?

Obviously, having two websites instead of only one multilingual site lets you have different and country specific URLs,which is an advantage by itself, but then there are also all the other things a multilingual site doesn’t offer; no separate alt tags, no language specific picture names, titles, descriptions and many other details. These are the parts on a website which can have a serious impact on the search engine positioning of your website. We strongly recommend to build two different websites and even place them on two different physical locations/servers.

Contact us for Multilingual Internet Marketing
Read more about Internet Marketing for Dive Centers here.

Real Estate Marketing

Property for Sale in New Zealand
Internet Marketing for Real Estate and Property is a completely different challenge than Internet Marketing for Dive Centers. When we started 10 years ago with our first real estate website for a Hotel complex in Samos Island in Greece, we had no idea what we where getting into. The site was only online for two years, then the property was sold over the Internet. This was our first success in Internet Marketing for Properties. Since then we have created many real estate websites for land and houses in Greece, Property in New Zealand and also some real estate websites for some friends in Thailand.

As always, we are trying to get the top spot on all search engines for our real estate agents and land owners. In most cases this works out just fine. Internet marketing for real estate needs to include many pictures and picture galleries of the property for sale. It also needs an accurate description of the estate. A real estate website also needs to provide information on what is included in the land price, like water, electricity, paperwork, real estate agent fees and other important details.

What I’m saying is; if you have land for sale, or a business for sale, you need to list it in as many places as possible, but you stand a far better chance to sell your property if you make a small website especially for this property. Make a standalone website or blog for each property you have to offer. You can do this for free at or Nevertheless, if you would like a professionally made and taken care of website to promote your real estate, please contact us and we will be happy to make you an offer for your personal project. It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or even are selling your own plot of land. Building a website to sell real estate is not expensive but will help to show and sell your property more easily.

Why adding a Blog to a Website?

Hotel Reservation Software Blog

Imagine you have paid for a website or you have made the effort to set it up yourself a few years ago and you find yourself today in the same situation like millions of other website owners, your business website not timely anymore! Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 have arrived RSS feds take care for a better distribution of your published content. Everything you publish today in a modern content management system (CMS) will get picked up by ping services and RSS software like Google’s Fedburner.

So now what? Your old website is in HTML and has no idea about all these new gadgets and features that seem to convert so well today? The question is how can we solve this problem without destroying the old website, which meanwhile has world class search engine positions and carries hundreds of potential client to your online business? The solution is easy! Once again WordPress, the world’s best self hosted blogging software can help solving your problem. Simply build a blog “behind” the actual website. The URL of the blog in question is then while the website that is already indexed remains as is and can further on sell Hotel Reservation Software like nothing happened.

Nevertheless, your new WordPress blog allows you now to publish news articles which will get picked up quickly by search engines. The real impact on having a modern blogging software working on your business website, when you start bookmarking these news articles to various social bookmarking websites and social networking websites. For some products or services even it makes even sense to use Twitter and start tweeting out the news about the product or service. Although Twitter makes only sense if you have many followers who are interested in the line of business you are in. Learn here how to get more Twitter followers. It is good habit to bookmark anything you publish to at least 5 different bookmarking services like Google Bookmarks, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon and Technocrati. Facebook and MySpace are also very useful places to tell people about your latest publication. As more people you can get interested in reading your article as more traffic you will get. And traffic as always, is good for page rank and search engine positions.

If you have a question about how to setup a blog on your old website, let us know in the comment field below.