Shark Database Koh Tao Thailand

This former Dive Center website (the dive center has closed down) had very good rankings by the time when the dive center had closed down, so we kept it and desided to offer it to Koh Tao as a Shark Database are currently busy to re-build it as a website about sharks around the scuba diving paradise island Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. The site is also built in a content management system (cms) to have the best possible chances in the SERPs due to it’s rss connection.

The internet marketing on this website is as low cost as possible and is mainly done through social bookmarking and social networking. The site also includes a scuba diving forum where signed in users can add comments and reply to topics. The shark database also allows for logged in users to submit their shark sightings and pictures of sharks that have been taken around Koh Tao. This give the site regularly new content and helps to keep it in top positions for most desired key phrases.

Thai Boxing Training in Thailand

Thai Boxing Koh Tao

For a change, this for once is not a site about software or scuba diving, but something that was completely new to all of us. This Martial Arts website about  Thai Boxing Training in Koh Tao Thailand was a complete different story. A new website with a new subject is always a challenge for webmasters, because a new topic always requires more time than the topics one is familiar with because of the necessary marketing research that has to be completed before we can start the actual web design.

Internet Marketing Research

Here at ONE Internet Marketing, we are very thorough with the internet marketing research if we are not familiar with the new subject. We have to keep in mind that we do not only design and optimize our customer’s website to be great for the search engines, by doing search engine optimization (SEO) on site and off site, but we also have to make them attractive to visitors so they will finally convert to a higher income for our client.We have to find the exact balance between a search engine optimized website and valuable and attractive content for the website visitors. We have to be sure that we provide the information the visitor is looking for and we have to make sure, that he finds the information he is looking for with as few clicks as possible. Therefor we need a clean and easy to use navigation on the site. We also have to make sure that we have a clearly readable message and a ‘call to action’ link which can easily be spotted, so that we can direct the visitor to our sales page, our landing page or squeeze page or to our contact form.

This Thai boxing website is once again created in WordPress ,taking advantage of all the great features this content management system (CMS) offers, like taking care for the rss syndication with the world wide web, allowing through to countless plugins and professionally designed themes,every dream to come true. Once the website is built in WordPress, the owner can easily upload pictures and videos to the site, write new content, and if desired even update and maintain the website himself. In this case the upgrades involve mostly new Pictures and videos about Thai boxing training in Koh Tao Thailand.

Hotel Reservation Software Marketing

Award winning hotel reservation software HotRez

The hotel reservation software HotRez has been awarded many times during the past years. We will proudly continue to market this hotel reservation system for ProData Software.

This site is created in an older content management system (cms). It is easier to work with content management systems than it is with normal html pages because changes can be made side wide and a cms is usually connected o the web by rss feeds.

The internet isn’t short on neither, content management systems nor hotel reservation software. But that makes it a challenge. We have the say that competition is good for any market.

Internet Marketing with Google Analytics

What You See Is What You Know!

And knowledge is power! Now, wouldn’t it be of great value for your business, if you could exactly determine what people do the most while they are on your website? Let’s say; the average user spends somewhat between 2 and 5 minutes on a good website, what if you would know exactly what they look at in this time? What if you knew, which exact product catches their attention most? Which title is clicked most? Or in short, which of all your links on your website are getting the most attention? Right, you would be able to find the product, most people are interested in on your website, thus the product you’re more likely to sell. Gaining a better understanding of the market, will help you to promote the right product on the right page.

How can I see that in Google Analytics?

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Now if you’re using Google Analytics on your website, ..if not, it’s time to implement it, you will have all the means to do just that! Go to your Goggle Analytics account, select your website, click on Content, on the left side of the page and select “Website-Overlay”. A new window will open and show your site in a frame. Each link now, has a number, in %, showing how often that particular link has been clicked! Following the link will bring you to the next page where you again see where your visitors go from there! This lets you determine the route your site visitors follow and the actions they take most on your site. Besides of the obvious advantages that gives you, it will also help to find the best and most appealing titles for your articles and much more. Check it out here: Remember, this is only one of many Google tools that can better your business. We will go through all of them within the next weeks, and explain them all here at #One.

Using Google Analytics to it’s full extent requires a bit of extra time you invest, but it gives you a very special insight on the behavior of your website visitors. And if you can’t do it yourself; there is always someone who can do it for you! Click on the picture to see an example of the new Google tool in full size.

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Asia Divers Thailand

Asia Divers Scuba Diving Courses on Koh Tao

Asia Divers with PADI course director Guy Corsellis from Belgium, is another client of #One Internet Marketing who has come from another webmaster. A well known story to many businesses is an enthusiastically started new website where we put all our hope in, pay a webmaster wait for month and month and eventually never see a result. Many years ago i had a similar experience myself and lost my money, valuable time and never actually saw a result. But that was long ago; still i will never forget how that felt and I know for sure, that this will never happen to anyone of our clients!
When we got the website back in 2005 it was an abandoned html website with a flash header and a java scirpt menu. The text was all lorem ipsum generated Latin but amazing enough, the sit was listed on Google, not ranked but indexed. Now if we would have had WordPress 2.8 back then, there wouldn’t have been a question on how to handle the matter. Simply setting up a WordPress blog and rebuilding the less than 30 pages would have been done in a few days. If and when, fact is there wasn’t anything around that was usable in a time frame that would not kill the clients budget. So the easiest way was to optimize the Asia Divers Website as is. We added text and tried to do everything right and the way it is supposed to be done. All of it manually without any help of php.
The Asia Divers Koh Tao website was the second last i worked on in simple html, before moving on to CMS and later to WordPress.
Today, here at #One Internet Marketing, we preferably work with WordPress 2.8. The ease of use and the ease to add both plugins and themes to an existing website without even leaving the admin area a single time simplified our life enormously.

Today the Asia Divers website still remains to be an html website with a flash banner at the top an a java menu to navigate; so we didn’t touch the looks and feels of the website at all. We simply optimized it with what we had and according to the ‘old school’ webmaster guidelines. Up until today the Asia Divers Website is well ranked for all major key phrases like diving koh tao.