Uhrenmarken - A German Website about watch brandsThe website I’d like to present to you today, is an example on how our Internet marketing tactics work in other languages. What we here is a German language site for watches and watch brands, it has a special eye on Swiss watches. With this website we are helping out another Internet Marketing company in Germany who works for a rather large watch manufacturer. We always like to help if we can. So don’t be shy if you have a question, simply fill in our contact form and we will be eager to help you out.

Now since you won’t see any great search results for this website by typing in these search phrases in English, here are the German equivalents we have been targeting so far. There are several more specific search phrases we are going for here, but we don’t need to tell all our competition exactly what we are doing and how we are doing it.

You will see the best results in German language Google searches because it is trimmed to be regional (in this case Germany and Switzerland) advertising. You can also take my word for it that all major keywords are found between #1  – #5.  Local and regional advertising can also be done via Internet marketing. Not that you would have to stop handing out brochures and business cards; I’m not saying that. Quite the opposite; local print advertising is extremely important to a business website. Especially if we are talking about small business internet marketing. Local Posters you might hang up or brochures and business cards all need to contain your website address as well as your email.

Local advertising can be best done by:

  • Creating a complete new website for each language (Multi language sites just don’t cut it anymore)
  • The website being in the language of your targeted audience
  • The website having a domain name ending of the appropriate country e.g. .de for German languge sites
  • Having the website hosted in the country of origin of the domain name (least important)
  • Making local advertising for the website such as print media and local Google AdWords campaigns

For the sake of saving costs for their clients and making sure they get the job, most webmasters will tell a client to go for a multilingual website or CMS. Here at #One Internet Marketing we strongly believe that’s wrong.  Actually we KNOW that it is wrong! A small business with not much budget could easily want to go for this option but it will only be a wast of money and a loss of time. Here is why:

  • Your meta description, title and your meta keywords are going to be in only one language or the other
  • Your alt tags on pictures will be in one language or the other
  • Your pictures and other file names will all be in only one language too.
  • Your footer and header files and many more important aspects of SEO will just support one language

That’s not what you want. If you don’t get the best possible result, why bother at all? Here at #One, we offer web development in German French and English language, other languages can be discussed upon request. In todays Internet marketing competition only the best can be good enough for you!

Conclusion: Even though it might be a bit more expensive in the beginning to create several websites for the same business, it will pay off in the long run. There is more to this than only the language, Multiple websites on multiple servers also give you the opportunity to link each site to the other and build your own little Internet empire, from where you be able to completely dominate you market or your niche. We will get to the subject of linking websites to each other a bit later on.

Meanwhile, here is the website of our friends in Germany, it’s all about Herrenuhren (that would be men’s watches). On this website one can actually build his own watch online! This tool is worth trying out. It’s unique in the Internet and has especially been created for this purpose.