Language Specific Dive Center Marketing

Scuba Diving Courses in Thailand - Tauchkurs Thailand Although we meanwhile all expect everybody on this planet to speak more or less perfect English, there are still many people who are much more familiar with their native language and if they can choose to get the information the need in their own language the will always prefer to read in their native language. If we now provide the information about our products and services only in English, while our competitors have their sites in English and German, we are likely to miss out on the larger part of 80 million people who could become customers. There are some industries which are more effected by this fact than others. Scuba Diving for example relies very much on different languages…. and Tauchkurs Thailand does look different than Dive Course Thailand to search engines as well as to humans.

Why are multi language sites so important for scuba marketing?

If one wants to learn how to dive he will always prefer to get the Scuba Diving Lessons in his native language just because the learning will be much easier and less time consuming. Learning to dive on holidays is especially effected because time is even more valuable here. Having a diving website for example also in German language will build the confidence to get the diving lessons as well in German and you will have the undivided attention of the prospect on your site.

Is it better to have a multilingual site or two separate websites?

Obviously, having two websites instead of only one multilingual site lets you have different and country specific URLs,which is an advantage by itself, but then there are also all the other things a multilingual site doesn’t offer; no separate alt tags, no language specific picture names, titles, descriptions and many other details. These are the parts on a website which can have a serious impact on the search engine positioning of your website. We strongly recommend to build two different websites and even place them on two different physical locations/servers.

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