Multilingual Internet Marketing

Devenez Instructeur Plongee a ThailandeInstructeur Plongee is the second website we are developing and promoting for the PADI Course Director Patrick Tassin from France. Patrick runs PADI Diving instructor courses in French language on the Island of Koh Tao, in the Gulf of Thailand. Patrick was sent to us from Asia Divers in Sairee, another “old” client of 1 Internet Marketing. In this case we have the first example on how strong a weapon multiple websites in Internet Marketing are. For one, multiple websites serve the purpose of multi presence and different looks and feels to convert different targeted groups for the same product. A multi presence in the Internet via several websites also allows a business to present it’s products and services in different languages. I am well aware the fact hat even with a simple wordpress installation e can have a multi lingual blog in minutes! But would hat really be the full 100% of what we can achieve to market the product or he service we want to promote on this website? Is this the right Internet marketing strategy? The best we can do?

NO, we don’t and it isn’t! A multilingual blog or CMS will never be as strong as a single language website can be for a product offered on the site. There are meta tags to consider, there are alt tags in pictures, file names that contain important keywords and key phrases in one or the other language. But most of all there is the domain name that best contains a regional touch! A .de ending of your url for Germany on a German language version of your website will work wonders in the German SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). This is not mandatory though and in this case we didn’t even go that far. If you search the net for phrases like “Plongee Koh Tao” or “Instructeur Plongee” or something related, you will see what i mean. There is a lot more to multilingual websites and how to set websites up for regional customer targeting. Check back frequently or better sign up to our RSS fed so you will be informed about every new update of ‘One Internet Marketing Service’.