Internet Marketing Client in Puerto RicoEast Puerto Rico Diving is a relatively new scuba diving company that conducts scuba diving lessons and scuba diving tours from Palmas del Mar in eastern Puerto Rico. EPD hired us in July 2008, shortly before they where planing to open their brand new dive center.

We have been doing the complete palette from business cards over brochures to the Website, which is the kind of work we all like best and it brings the most success because all parts can play nicely together and advertise each other. You got that right; we are advertising the advertisement, that is what is the difference between Internet Marketing and any other kind of marketing. Nobody ever wanted to advertise a brochure and no one ever needed to. Websites though need to be advertised as much as possible all over the Internet. That is not only to bring more visitors to the business owners website, but also to create as many direct back links as possible to the website in question.

The East Puerto Rico Diving website has up until today, near to 7’000 back links! Remember the website is only 10 month old! If you now start a search for diving in pr or anything like it please, – try to imagine you want to go diving to Puerto Rico, either to participate on a dive tour or looking for scuba diving lessons; I would like to leave the search phrase up to you…. And don’t forget to search at Google images! People who are planing a scuba diving vacation will always look for pictures of their destination in the Internet first, that is ALWAYS!

If you like your findings on Google or any other search engines and you think that your own small business deserves some descent Internet marketing to, please fill in the little contact form and we will have a look at your business and it’s presentation in the Internet. Click the title of this article to find out how to catch a bypassing visitors attention and keep him on your website. […]

The endmost important part of Internet marketing is to catch the the attention of a visitor who is just surfing by. One of the newer ways to deliver a message and to catch the eye of a prospect is Video

There are many ways to catch someones attention on the Internet…. Enjoy a beautiful video cut of pictures taken in Puerto Rico in the 40’s. Take a little time out, you deserve it!