Web Hosting

One of the most important factors for a solid online presence and successful internet marketing, is a reliable web hosting account! It is crucial that a business website is available at any time 24/7, so you should look for an uptime of 99.9%!. This is especially important for eCommerce websites and businesses in the tourist industry.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated webhosting is faster and more reliable than shared hosting, and you don’t have to worry about other people screwing up your server. The downside is the price. Dedicated hosting is far more expensive. That’s why only a few businesses opt for a dedicated web hosting account right from the start of their Internet presence. A good webhosting account can always be upgraded without downtime, on a later point, once the business grows.

Nevertheless even a small business needs Internet Marketing and it doesn’t need to cost much. As long as the website is up and running – even on a shared hosting account – everything is good. Nevertheless, there are only a limited amount of web hosting companies out there, like for example BlueHost or HostGator, who are as reliable as we require, for us to trust them. We have been working with these companies for many years now and we never had a problem that could not be solved. Both companies offer ‘CPanel’ management, which allows us to do what needs to be done without delay. At the time of writing we give a little more credit to Bluehost because their CPanel version is always recent, while Hostgator still works with an older version that looks a bit clumsy and provides a bit less comfort and functionality.

>Update May 2016 (2 years later): We do not support nor recommend Bluehost or Hostgator anymore! The meanwhile blong to the 80 webhosting companies empire of EIG and their services have rapidly declined. Read more here.

We have also worked with many different webhosting companies, where we have moved in and out in the same week! Hosting account without CPanel are causing a significant slowdown in work progress, especially if it requires ftp uploads. Our experience on these accounts may save you some time.

One web hosting company we can only recommend to stay away from, is Glob@t, another EIG company! They offer extremely strange services, like “Automatic Account Upgrades”, yep, fully automatically does the client get charged 49.95 for something he never ordered, never needs and will never understand what they paid 50 bucks for! All that and more awaits the newbie in the web hosting world, so beware and check back with us if you need more information.

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Web Hosting