Internet Marketing in GreeceThe Greek island of Samos has a special meaning to #One Internet Marketing – It is the second home and the village of Votsalakia in the south of the island has all my love. Samos is one of the most beautiful and greenest islands in Greece, still, even after many bush fires, Samos island belongs amongst Rhodes and Crete, Corfu and Zakinthos to those islands in Greece with the most trees and wild forest. This website now is one of the  sites that had still been created page by page in HTML. Nevertheless, fact is that thousands of people are still looking at this website every month – we needed a refresher. A cool one! So we where thinking about adding a WordPress Blog to it.

Internet marketing samos GreeceRenewing and make over alone wouldn’t cut it this time and replacing it with a more modern approach of a content management system (CMS) wasn’t a solution either. It wouldn’t bring more customers to the hotel, more like the opposite would happen, since we would loose all the indexed pages in the search engines results because of a changing link structure. Sure, to avoid the latter we could, use 301 re-directs for each page and therefor create some extra work.  While it would be possible to rebuild the whole HTML website in WordPress and even keep the link structure the same, it would at the same time just be a lot of work – but no new content. So instead of burning down the house to and start building it up from the beginning, we left the old HTML Website in place and built a WordPress blog right behind it. So the URL would look like this:

After we published the blog and a few articles on the blog, we added the Google xml sitemap plugin to the WordPress blog and included the main pages of the original website in the Google Site map. All of it remained at the top spot the visitor numbers have gone up as expected due to the use of modern blogging tools such as RSS. Now both work, the website and the WordPress blog; and who could tell the difference?

Today you can find fresh information about Samos, Votsalakia, and Greece. The political situation in Greece is one of the most colorful in the world today. According to the latest news from Greece, the country is bankrupt! We haven’t had that ye in Europe. I wonder if Greece is digging out the Drachmas again soon?

The Island of Samos is famous for the Sweet Wine of Samos, for many famous people who lived on the island of Samos like for example Pythagoras of Samos, the Mathematician, Evpalinos, the man who planed and constructed the longest tunnel at the time, about 3000 years ago! The tunnel has a length of 1070 meters and was dugg from two sides of the mountain; 3000 years ago!! Today you can go and visit the Evpalinos Tunnel outside the village of Pythagorion and be amazed. Then there was Policrates the tyrant who reigned over all the region from Persia to to Athens.