Dive Center in Thailand - Big Bubble Ko TaoIn this case we are marketing scuba diving courses in Koh Tao, Thailand. On this website we have an example of how to renew the web looks in a different way. The website www.kohtao-diving.com is only a few month old; what, having a close look at the domain name seems sheer impossible. This brings me to another point I would like to at least scratch at this point, we will get deeper into choosing the right domain name, later on. For now I just want to say;get away from domain names that contain your name or your company name, get a domain name instead that contains the service or product you want to promote on the site…. and whilst we’re on it, maybe even the location of your business if that is of any importance. The reason to do so is that if you’re not Mercedes or Panasonic, more people will likely be searching for your product than for your brand name. The exact importance of the domain name for search results has not been determined. Here at #One Internet Marketing the estimations go as high as 40 or even 50%. So who would want to give such an advantage away right from the start?

Back to scuba diving in Koh Tao. The purpose of an image refresher for one of the first dive centers of Koh Tao was that the old Big Bubble website was made fully in Flash. It is still top ranked and Google as well as other search engines have started to be able to read Flash websites as well so it might also stay there. Nevertheless, we went once more for a WordPress blog – Anyway there is no difference between a blog and a website and most users can’t even tell if the website he/she looks at is made on a blog software or not. Matter of fact is that we needed a new site with RSS and all kinds of things like Member Lists with student pictures and some more sophisticated features. The Koh Tao Diving website is very young and hasn’t reached all the top spot yet but we are all positive that it will. We have helped many dive resorts around the world to get top results, we can do it again!

For now, the new Big Bubble site can be found for things like underwater wedding in Thailand (if I ever get married …) I like the idea of getting married under water. It definitely beats the good old church at home! We also have a video on this article about the underwater wedding in Thailand that is well worth watching if you have a minute. The underwater video was made by Sandra Slade.