Accommodation on Koh Tao Thailand

This website is for a small resort on the for scuba diving so famous island Koh Tao in the Gulf of Siam. The site shows once again how important internet marketing has become for every small business. Especially in the tourist industry where the offers get more by the minute and prices drop to a level where it is hard to survive on internet marketing has worldwide become the most important advertising tool. The logc behind this is simply the possibility to see the holiday destination before one even gets there.

Not only for accommodation but also for scuba diving courses, rock climbing, sailing or any other sport that attracts customers in their holidays has internet marketing become the no.1 income source over the past decade. If we split up the advertiser cake, we will see that Google Adwords getting the largest piece of the cake and Yahoo, Bing and Facebook sharing most of the rest of the internet marketing value. Facebook is gaining ground at an incredible speed at the moment and it is widely believed that it will son be at least as important as Google Adwords.