What You See Is What You Know!

And knowledge is power! Now, wouldn’t it be of great value for your business, if you could exactly determine what people do the most while they are on your website? Let’s say; the average user spends somewhat between 2 and 5 minutes on a good website, what if you would know exactly what they look at in this time? What if you knew, which exact product catches their attention most? Which title is clicked most? Or in short, which of all your links on your website are getting the most attention? Right, you would be able to find the product, most people are interested in on your website, thus the product you’re more likely to sell. Gaining a better understanding of the market, will help you to promote the right product on the right page.

How can I see that in Google Analytics?

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Now if you’re using Google Analytics on your website, ..if not, it’s time to implement it, you will have all the means to do just that! Go to your Goggle Analytics account, select your website, click on Content, on the left side of the page and select “Website-Overlay”. A new window will open and show your site in a frame. Each link now, has a number, in %, showing how often that particular link has been clicked! Following the link will bring you to the next page where you again see where your visitors go from there! This lets you determine the route your site visitors follow and the actions they take most on your site. Besides of the obvious advantages that gives you, it will also help to find the best and most appealing titles for your articles and much more. Check it out here: http://www.google.com/intl/en/analytics/. Remember, this is only one of many Google tools that can better your business. We will go through all of them within the next weeks, and explain them all here at #One.

Using Google Analytics to it’s full extent requires a bit of extra time you invest, but it gives you a very special insight on the behavior of your website visitors. And if you can’t do it yourself; there is always someone who can do it for you! Click on the picture to see an example of the new Google tool in full size.

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