As of today IWIPA was disabled on Facebook

Here is what I found on Twitter coming from IWIPA: @facebook We have no idea why you disabled our application #106878476015645 it serves 80K users. This happened 3 hours ago, please help.

IWIPA Disabled - 29. November 2011In the meantime 80.000 users who have created countless great looking facebook pages over the past few month, are back to zero! All our IWIPA Facebook pages have lost their content and the many hours of work, invested into them, almost overnight. IWIPA’s Facebook pages and profile is gone and has also been disabled. Their link to the Facebook app will bring you right back to your facebook wall, so I guess they have not only disabled it but redirected the url already to user.php page for good. It would be great to get a statement from Facebook.  And what’s next? What can we use next? And does this mean that applications like IWIPA will no longer be tolerated from Facebook? Then we are back to the nice WordPress plugin but we are doomed to pay for SSL certifications and dedicated domains.

UPDATE! This is a response from IWIPA – “Our application was removed from facebook and we are currently working with facebook to add it back.
For now, you can easily add all your content back to how it was by simply doing the following go here to Fix your IWIPA Page
Click on “add to page” on the left column, add it to our page then go back and it should load all your previous content automatically.
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IWIPA – Trouble with Facebook Pages

IWIPA App Disabled by FacebookI hate say it but these Facebook business pages are becoming a major pain! You can’t notify anyone who liked your page anymore about updates, events can only be sent to personal friends and not the fans, who actually expressed that they like the page and wouldn’t mind to get notified about updates, by clicking the like button! We can assume so much, I guess, being in an environment like Facebook and given the fact that everyone with a brain should know AND expect by now, the with clicking this Like button, he/she would at least get notified about updates and changes. It was this way when Facebook pages started to become attractive to businesses in the beginning of this year. Likes or Fans could be notified about updates, which did quickly make sense to everybody using it. Facebook user count had a boost out of this and facebook ads started to be interesting for internet marketing too now… but that was then! Now all the great features have been dismantled and Facebook just took down a major application and destroyed the work of 80.000 people by a push of a button.

Has your IWIPA Application Disappeared?

Check out the Fix for IWIPA Pages for now. Until we know more, let’s hope that they can get it back up and cut a deal with Facebook. Otherwise several hundred thousand IWi[pa application based Facebook pages will remain with not much more than their wall posts.

I will keep you informed about the newest development of IWIPA on Facebook here on this site.

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