Accommodation in Koh Tao Thailand

Well, this site has been built a while ago in a different content management system (CMS). It serves the purpose of Internet Marketing for a boutique resort, offering luxury villas, apartments and studios. Guests can see the rooms and the environment and they can make bookings and payments online. Nowadays it is vital to present your accommodation in the internet so you can stay in the market. A well done marketing campaign for a resort can help over low seasons and even over many kinds of crisis. Internet marketing for a resort or any accommodation for that matter doesn’t end by having a nice website. Internet marketing is different to any other marketing or promotion campaign; very different!

First you have to understand the most important difference between a website and other marketing media and campaigns; a brochure for example, or a poster, or a newspaper ad, your business cards, you set them up, print and publish them, then distribute them and you’re done with it. Your website, as beautiful and perfectly made it might be, needs to be advertised to make things work. And there comes Internet Marketing into play. You need to promote your site because otherwise it will be you and your hamster, who are looking at the site and nobody else! Promote your site on social bookmarking sites, in forums, in social networks like Facebook and MySpace. But today’s most important advertising is called Google AdWords and is so called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. You only pay when someone clicks on the ad you created. Ads are published in in search engine result pages (SERPs) and on other websites that match your sites subject if you wish. We will get to Google AdWords and Facebook ads in a separate article.