OK View Koh Tao Resort

During the past three days I’ve been busy testing Twitter for internet marketing purposes. I will go on testing all kinds of Twitter applications and I will try every trick in the book to see if you can really generate business with Twitter. Follow this blog for the remaining 27 days of my testing period and you will be able to profit from the results of a very intense Twitter Test for Internet Marketing. To stay on top, we need to follow every new marketing trend and find out if it brings business to our clients or if it is a waste of time and energy.
Here some information how to get Twitter followers for free. And if you don’t know what Twitter is, here is How to Twitter

Today’s Subject is about Branding

Even if you run a small business, you want people to now the name and the logo of your business so they recognize it in the future.
A very successful web project for this matter is the site of OK View in Koh Tao. The objective on this website was not necessarily to get new customers because it is a small business and it is booked out through most of the year. The goal was awareness and branding of the name OK View. Well yes, that sounds easy enough until you go and check the search results for the phrase OK” View”. The number hangs in between 350 and 500 million, depending on the search engine you’re looking at. The website we’re talking about here, should be on the very top if you want to see for yourself. This so called business card website serves the purpose of communication with guests through a wall feature. Reservations can be made easily by using a simple contact form. The OK View site is a nice example for small business internet marketing and shows the importance of internet marketing for small businesses once again.

At #One Internet Marketing we design your logo, your website, your business cards and your brochures. We create the whole image that will be shown with Your Brand Name. You could soon be branding T-Shirts, Lighters, Beer Coolers, Pens or anything else you can imagine; all well in range of the advertising budget of a small business. Branding is important because it helps people to remember your business and also to remember to recommend you to their friends and business partners.