cThe Best Free Live Chat Software For Your Website

Olark Live Chat for WebsitesI would like to hug these guys! Since this won’t happen, I decided to write a review about Olark Live Chat instead! Since I discovered Olark Live Chat for Websites software and implemented it into the first client website their sales have gone up right away and they have collected several valuable email contacts. I was amazed when I first tried it out on how many new contacts I collected right away. Believe me when I say; people are far easier to convince to leave you their email address, when you personally ask for it. When they can talk with you right away and ask you questions about your product or service, you gain their trust. And what a great way to find out what people really want when they visit your site. Instead of investing in years of trial and error; simply ask!

How Olark Live Chat for Websites Works

When a visitor comes to your website you hear a sound on your computer. In your chat software, easily installed on your computer, you can the click on the visitor and send a message which will instantly appear on the visitors screen. Try it out; it’s free and it’s easily installed. If you are not online, the live chat software turns automatically into a powerful sign-up tool where the visitor can leave a message, together with name and the email address. Me, I’m sitting on the computer anyway most of the day, working on uncountable projects, so Olark Live Chat for Websites works perfectly for me. I’m now running Olark Live Chat for Websites on four different websites. I don’t think I would want it on more sites without at least involving a second and third operator.

How do live chats work with if you have Multiple Operators?

  • All logged in operators receive the visitors message
  • The message of first operator who responds successfully will get to the visitor
  • All additionally logged in operators will be noticed that the first operator has responded
  • All other operators but the initial one who responded to the visitor are blocked from sending messages to the visitor.
  • When the original operator gets disconnected, or logs out, another operator can take the live chat over.

Amazingly Olark Live Chat for Websites works also fine on IPhones and Tablets giving you complete freedom! Having a live chat on your website is the ultimate way of social marketing! Personally welcome visitors on your website is like greeting them when the physically walk into your store. Personally ask them questions about how they feel about your product or service beats every survey you can think of! Try this Live Chat Software for Websites today and be amazed how fast you will get new connections and how fast you will see your list grow. If you have a question about internet marketing, about SEO, SEM or Social Marketing, use the live chat box below and talk to me directly! My personal rating for Olark Live Chat for Websites is double ++ with a thumbs up!