This former Dive Center website (the dive center has closed down) had very good rankings by the time when the dive center had closed down, so we kept it and desided to offer it to Koh Tao as a Shark Database are currently busy to re-build it as a website about sharks around the scuba diving paradise island Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. The site is also built in a content management system (cms) to have the best possible chances in the SERPs due to it’s rss connection.

The internet marketing on this website is as low cost as possible and is mainly done through social bookmarking and social networking. The site also includes a scuba diving forum where signed in users can add comments and reply to topics. The shark database also allows for logged in users to submit their shark sightings and pictures of sharks that have been taken around Koh Tao. This give the site regularly new content and helps to keep it in top positions for most desired key phrases.