Who needs Internet Marketing and SEO?

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Or in other words; who needs a great website for their business that ranks high in search engine results? And with high I mean the first page of Google. The answer is very simple today; everybody needs Internet Marketing and a website and a good rank! Absolutely everybody who wants to sell a product or service, needs Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. And this is especially true for all businesses involved in the tourist industry! Whoever books a holiday trip in 2011, no matter if they book in the travel office around the corner or if they book their vacation online, they will search for pictures and videos of their dream destination on Google before they buy! That’s a just a simple fact , nobody can afford to ignore anymore! And the decision about where to go on holiday this year, in which hotel or resort to stay and which dive school to choose for their diving course, will be greatly influenced by the findings on the internet. True? What do YOU do when you book your holiday? And this is where Internet Marketing ans search engine marketing comes into play.

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If your business is in the tourist industry, you probably already have a website for your business. But maybe your website isn’t on top of your competitors websites, and your competitor’s business is booming while you are still waiting for customers to walk by? Or maybe you already had a website made a few years ago and it is slowly but steadily going down in the search results because it lacks of syndication with the modern internet? Maybe your website just hasn’t been updated for the past two years or even longer and the pictures and galleries are old and everybody has seen them by now, especially Google. Then it’s time to do something right away! Be aware that your competition is out there, making the money you should make!

The Internet Changes and so does Online Marketing

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The Internet is nothing steady or stable, it is constantly changing! Google changes, browsers change and new inventions such as tablets and androids are entering the market. This means we have to adjust our websites constantly to be “up to speed” on the newest developments in the internet and we have to know everything about the newest internet marketing tools and trends like Twitter and Facebook Pages.

Without most users even realizing, we have moved on from the good old “Internet” to Web 2.0, then to Web 3.0 and Web 4.0. We have come far into semantic search during the past years. While building websites has become an easy task for everybody, search engine optimization (SEO) and actually seeing the website on the first page of Google search results, has become rather difficult and complicated over time, one of the factors being the rapid growth of the internet in a sheer unbelievable rate, with a couple of hundred thousand new websites cluttering the web every single day.

What Else is New in Internet Marketing?

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Nowadays we have to consider the mobile market and Google’s Android OS. Websites need to be designed so they also work in the fast growing mobile market. Semantic search allows users to ask real questions on search engines, rather than entering one or two keywords only. Search engines today, gather their information from far more places then they did 5 years ago, and they are in need to deliver the best possible search results to the user. For a search engine like Google this means that adjustments to algorithms have to be made almost on daily bases to stay at the top of the search result providers. And the pressure grows as MSN evolved to become Bing and Yahoo also becomes better by the day.

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Some of the changes going on are visible to the user, such as the new Google search feature that presents results already while typing. Nevertheless, most of the changes that are going on, remain hidden and many of them are top secret. Today, search engines are gathering their information from thousands of places throughout the internet, from RSS feeds for example. They play an important role for semantic search results. Social Bookmarking Sites like Digg and Delicious and Social Networking Sites like Facebook with meanwhile 600 Million Members and also MySpace, have become important informants to search engine bots and are therefore vital for your business. It is our job to know all this and to be informed and to act appropriately and apply changes to our clients web projects.

Engaging an Internet Marketing Company for your Business

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While I’m sure that every 12year old can build a website today, I still think the shoemaker should make shoes because it’s what brings the bread on the table, while someone else, who is specialized in selling his shoes should do the selling job. Now, if you’re thinking about engaging a specialized internet marketing company to promote your business on the internet, not only make you a cheap website and walk away, please take a minute to fill in the form below.

We will be eager to do some serious marketing research for the product or service your offering. After we have evaluated your market and your internet presence we will get back to you with our findings make you a personalized offer for your internet marketing. And don’t worry, internet marketing doesn’t necessarily has to be expensive to be good and effective!

ONE Internet Marketing Company Logo“One Internet Marketing” is all about; customer oriented services and individual concepts for each and every client! If you happen to run a small business (or a large one for that matter) that still suffers under the last world economy crises, or maybe your business simply doesn’t take off the ground, while you actually have a great product or service to offer, fill in the short form below. One of our highly trained and specialized staff will have a close look at your existing business presentation and your internet marketing strategies. After we have completed the assessment, we will get back to you with a detailed analysis of your business and an internet marketing strategy to follow. You can expect eye opening results!

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