Thai Boxing Koh Tao

For a change, this for once is not a site about software or scuba diving, but something that was completely new to all of us. This Martial Arts website about  Thai Boxing Training in Koh Tao Thailand was a complete different story. A new website with a new subject is always a challenge for webmasters, because a new topic always requires more time than the topics one is familiar with because of the necessary marketing research that has to be completed before we can start the actual web design.

Internet Marketing Research

Here at ONE Internet Marketing, we are very thorough with the internet marketing research if we are not familiar with the new subject. We have to keep in mind that we do not only design and optimize our customer’s website to be great for the search engines, by doing search engine optimization (SEO) on site and off site, but we also have to make them attractive to visitors so they will finally convert to a higher income for our client.We have to find the exact balance between a search engine optimized website and valuable and attractive content for the website visitors. We have to be sure that we provide the information the visitor is looking for and we have to make sure, that he finds the information he is looking for with as few clicks as possible. Therefor we need a clean and easy to use navigation on the site. We also have to make sure that we have a clearly readable message and a ‘call to action’ link which can easily be spotted, so that we can direct the visitor to our sales page, our landing page or squeeze page or to our contact form.

This Thai boxing website is once again created in WordPress ,taking advantage of all the great features this content management system (CMS) offers, like taking care for the rss syndication with the world wide web, allowing through to countless plugins and professionally designed themes,every dream to come true. Once the website is built in WordPress, the owner can easily upload pictures and videos to the site, write new content, and if desired even update and maintain the website himself. In this case the upgrades involve mostly new Pictures and videos about Thai boxing training in Koh Tao Thailand.