The BEST WordPress Plugin for SEO

SEOPressor Review

Best WordPress SEO Plugin 2011

Best WordPress Plugin 2011

OK, I say this right away: “This is a real MUST HAVE PLUGIN for everybody who works with WordPress!” and you can quote me on that any time. If you don’t know what SEO is, it doesn’t matter much. In fact, you won’t ever have to ask the question “What is SEO” at all anymore! But then there is the fact that content is king; so let me tell you a bit of what this plugin does to become The Best Ever SEO Plugin for WordPress:

It Analyses your WordPress Posts and Pages for the Best SEO

I may sound a bit overenthusiastic on this matter,but honestly, this plugin is all I ever wished for since I started working with WordPress 1.2! SEO Pressor analyses your blog on a factor known as the “SEO Score” to calculate the score of each of your blog posts. SEOPressor will take certain parameters into account and decide whether the article you’re working on will rank well on search engines or not. The score table is a very unique aspect of SEO Pressor and the best thing about it is that its results correspond exactly with what  Google is expecting from your article. You can see the results of your SEO score before you hit the publish button allowing you to make changes on the fly! Another great thing with this plugin is, there’s nothing you need to learn; it is just the simple download and install procedure and off you go. Despite the fact that this WordPress plugin is very complex; you really don’t need to be a genius or have any technical knowledge to use SEOPressor.

SEOPressor Review Before and After SEO

SEOPressor Review Before and After SEO

SEO Pessor makes Fundamental SEO Suggestions to Every WordPress Post

SEO Pressor is a plugin that analyses your WordPress blog to the smallest detail and tells you all the important SEO factors about it. SEO Pressor doesn’t miss out on the smallest details. Paying attention to all these small details will improve the search engine rankings of your wordpress blog to an amazing degree! SEOPressor will tell you, for example,

  • What kind of format you need to use for your titles H1, H2 or H3
  • If your keyword is placed in the right position or not,
  • What a better position of your keywords would be
  • How the graphics on your website are influencing the rankings of your blog
  • It analyzes Images and Links r
  • It analyses all font decorations
  • Automatically Bold, Italic, and Underline your best Keywords
  • It optimizes alt tags of your images and adds your Keyword automatically
  • It is a unique SEO content scorer

But SEOPressor doesn’t just tell you about your mistakes, it will also offer you the solutions to each problem. It will show on a percent meter how good your article is optimized, each time you click the “Save Draft” or the “Update” button. Yes that’s right; This WordPress plugin allows you to optimize each and every post on your WordPress blog within minutes now. You will probably find many articles in your blog that score for 20 – 30%  and you will be able to get a 100% score for your desired keywords within minutes! Imagine; on all of your articles! This WordPress plugin  allows you to sit back and relax while it continuously keeps on monitoring your WordPress blog. SEO Pressor will tell you every little detail of what you need to do  to get the top rankings for your blog.

The Secret Algorithms of SEOPressor

Everybody I have talked to about this WordPress plugin has asked me the same question: “How is it possible that the results of this plugin match so perfectly with the results of Google Analytics?” The secret behind SEOPressor is that it uses a top secret algorithm that works exactly the same way,the Google search engine bots work to rank your blog. Using this secret algorithm, SEOPressor can understand what it actually takes for a website to shoot right up to the top of the Google search results. This secret algorithm is the one thing that made SEOPressor the best of any other WordPress SEO plugins.

SEOPressor Review Summary

As a last part of this WordPress plugin review, and after trying many SEO Plugins for WordPress, I would like to say that SeoPressor is by far the best, for not to say the only WordPress plugin of it’s kind. This plugin will, once running on your WordPress blog, take so much time intense “thinking work” from you, it’s unbelievable! You just select your main key phrase and then you go on and write the article. You save the article and watch how the status of your post changes. You can tweak your post until you reach the desired result and then publish your article. After bookmarking it to a few social bookmarking sites like reddit or digg and some networking sites like Facebook, your new article will show in the Google search results within minutes! A hint; don’t copy other peoples articles, write your own articles and optimize them, your chances of success are far better this way! SEOPressor is the best invested money for years! Buy it Now!