Web Hosting

There is more than one reason to use international domain names, not necessarily to host the websites in the country in question. First of all there is the obvious reason that bots and algorithms are trained to categorize domain names together with regional information as well as language information. A domain name ending in .de is likely to be in German language for example. Now there are as well more than one ways for bots to determine the language of a site, though many theme developers and template designers don’t seem to think of them as important and leave them out. Another reason to use international domain names are international, language specific search engines. One more way to make sure the Google Bot understands in what language your website and your websites’ keywords are written in, and that is the way we do it here at #One Internet Marketing, is to go to the Google Webmastertools and declare the regional and language settings of each website in question. By the way; Google loves it when you do this! And besides this, the “Google Webmastertools” are also the place where we store a sitemap of all our clients websites, so that the Google bots can crawl these sites fast and easy and find every page of it to index in the right language!

Got the Right Domain Name?

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